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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Outsourcing the way to go

Everywhere you look organizations are outsourcing their business functions e.g. Accounts, Payroll, Auditing, Branding, Communications and now Marketing. Why is this so, you ask? This is because Marketing determines whether an organization will succeed or fail. Many small companies begin without a marketing department because the owner of the firm does the marketing instead. Eventually it becomes tedious and the owner hires marketers to help sell the products or services. Unfortunately, most companies do not set aside a substantial budget for the marketing department. Instead they expect the marketing department to provide the finances to run the business without initially investing in it. Hence the reason why marketers do not stay in most organizations. They are underpaid and not valued. We at Outsource Marketing Kenya take marketing seriously. We budget for every product or service that needs marketing. We take out this function from your business and run it in a professional way. Be it branding, promotional campaigns, E-mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Media and Internet Marketing, door-to-door marketing, you name it, we have it all covered. Just so you know, there's always a target matket out there for your product (s) or service (s).

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